International Relations:


To be recognized as a globally engaged and impactful academic and research institution, fostering international collaborations and partnerships to advance knowledge, promote cultural understanding, and address global challenges.

Our mission is to:
  • Foster and expand international collaborations and partnerships with academic, research, and industry institutions to enhance research, teaching, and outreach.
  • Develop and implement strategies to promote the institution's global engagement, including international student and scholar recruitment, study abroad programs, and research collaborations
  • Lead and coordinate efforts to develop and implement global education initiatives that promote cultural understanding and enhance the institution's global reputation.
  • Build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, industry partners, and non-governmental organizations to promote the institution's international profile.
  • Ensure that all international activities and collaborations are in line with the institution's academic and research objectives and values.
  • Support the professional development of faculty and staff engaged in international activities, including training and mentoring in cross-cultural communication and collaboration.

Thus, the overall goal is to ensure that the institution remains at the forefront of global academic and research excellence, with a strong commitment to international engagement and collaboration.

About International Relations

International Relations efforts at IISER, Berhampur is aimed to foster academic and research cooperation, collaboration and bilateral exchanges between IISER Berhampur and foreign institutions/universities. The Office of the Dean, of International Relations and Outreach (IRO) is actively involved in developing and maintaining international partnerships. The aim is to build IISER Berhampur as a global educational brand and leader in research and teaching.


  • Provide strategic advice and support to the leadership
  • Strengthen the international brand value of the institute
  • Create opportunities for international and interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Foster scientific talent through collaborative programs and training


  • Developing and implementing the Institute’s vision and strategy in maintaining International relations
  • Foster and coordinate institutional alliances and partnerships
  • Promoting relationships with overseas universities and institutions, and help define the scope of such relationships through appropriate Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs)
  • Oversight of diplomatic relations strategy with key government agencies and embassies in India and abroad
  • The development, promotion, and coordination of protocol for the management of visiting International delegations
  • Organise and administrate the exchange of students and staff, giving advice on scholarships and other forms of support
  • Facilitates foreign students and faculty visiting IISER Berhampur from various countries across the globe
  • Arranging for the stay of the students and faculty visiting IISER Berhampur as a part of the exchange programme
  • Helping international students with completing their immigration formalities guiding them through the necessary paperwork

Internationalisation Strategy

  • Collaborative and inter-disciplinary activities on research and development around the world
  • Initiatives that emphasise international and comparative perspectives in the curriculum
  • Cultural exchange